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Manchester United – Louis Van Gaal

October 29, 2014

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This post is a simple one…is Louis Van Gaal the right man for the job?…… In my opinion!

Sir Alex Ferguson is irreplaceable as a manager, but we have to get someone as close as possible who has the confidence, heart, and ability to take the team back to the top! David Moyes lacked all of these. Van Gaal (in my opinion) has it all, so for this reason I think the answer is YES.

There are 5 main reasons I think he is right for the job and given time will prove it.

Firstly – He has a proven track record

You don’t get to coach Ajax, Barcalona and Bayern Munich without doing something right, and winning trophies and producing world class teams was a big part of that. Then to go and take the Netherlands team to the World Cup semi finals causing major upsets along the way only added to his very impressive CV.

Yes he hasn’t managed in England before but does this mean that he won’t know how to adapt to the premier league and the different type of football played? In my opinion he already has adapted, he has realised that the league is more physical than he is used to and has started playing Fellaini for the extra strength, he realised his back 3 were not strong enough at the moment to play as a 3 so he has adapted into playing a 4. Given time I think he will definitely take this team back to the top. He has a track record for producing top European teams and there is no reason why he won’t do the same with United.


Secondly – He invests in youth and gives them a chance

Everyone has said that he is trying to buy his way back to the top – I don’t think this is the case, yes the team has strengthened with the addition of World Class players (like every team) but if you look beyond that, you will see that we have played a lot of youth this year, from James Wilson, Tyler Blackett, Paddy McNair, Reece James and Will and Michael Keane have all had game time and with Adnan Janujaz and Luke Shaw both key parts of the first team squad I think it’s fair to say there is a good balance between youth and experience.

Thirdly – he has box office appeal

Relating to the second point – yes we have brought in players, and Louis Van Gaal’s presence and name will have helped to attract the big players we have. Yes Ed Woodward (who had disaster last year recruiting players) had a big part to play in the transfer market but I’m pretty sure the likes of Angel Di Maria and Radamel Falcao would not of come and played for David Moyes!

He is also a controversial manager, he alienates players that do not conform, he is happy to put on a show in the press office. News articles evolve around him, as they did when Sir Alex was in charge, all this leads to an air of excitement around Old Trafford.

Fourthly – He has standard and expects his players to perform – always, there is no room for slacking

If you don’t put in 110%, if you argue, if you don’t play as a team, if you dis-agree with his methods and thinking then chances are your not going to play much, and this is the kind of ruthless managerial style which has worked for us with Fergie, and I think it’s a style that works, if your playing for one of the top clubs in the world and getting paid respectively of that then there are no excuses. He sets the standard for himself as well as players, and even when we have seen United play well this season his post match and pre match interviews are very honest and always leave you thinking “He can get so much more out of this team”.

He commands the players respect and with time his methods and ethos will pay dividends.

Lastly – He is confident, he has his own ways of doing things and isn’t afraid to shake things up

He is not blind to think that only his chosen way will work, already we have seen him change tactics, change formations, change positions and adapt to different teams and styles of play. He is confident to do this and will take it on the chin if it goes wrong. He is confident in his ability and this shows because the crowd and the fans feed off his confidence. The way he speaks in interviews and press conferences, the steely face and determination on the sideline is all adding to his character – the character Fergie had, the character Moyes didn’t!

Final Thought

This is not a quick fix, he needs the squad he needs/wants and the time to implement his ideas and methods. I am a fan of Van Gaal and think he will be good for the club. The players respect him as he does them, the fans respect him and support him and the club have given him the funds and some of the squad he wants to succeed…it all seems like a good recipe to me!


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